Neutral Zone Regroup Drills

1v2 regroup. (start with 1 backchecker then go to 2. x turns and backchecks once puck is taken from him. D who took the puck passes back to his d partner then goes on the attack for a two on one with F. Other D follow up play. 2nd backchecker is the centerman.)

1v2 w/ 3 backcheckers regroup. Fs stay between dots on this drill. (on regroup weakside d needs to be 4th option on attack). Variations: 2v2, 3v2, play 3v2 downlow until whistle then backcheck.

Designated offense and defense guy, 1v1 or 2v2 live battle game. Pass back to your dman to win. D gets off board quickly and finds the coach on weakside. Can put 2 more D for weakside d pass option too.

Tampa 3v2 Regroup pass to open high guy