low to high 3 high, rotate low to weakside

Weakside wrap to dman

Weakside wrap to dman, f3 skates high

Ozone Faceoff Play 1

D attack from point on 5050 battle, high support

D no option, pass to behind the net

Weakside D attack on puck from shot rebound

2-1-2 forecheck spread

forecheck pass to point 3 across blueline shot

puck up high 5 guys cover entire zone

low to high after rebound spread to a 122 tb mtl 1st

f3 attacks weakside play forecheck tb mtl 2nd

low to high wall side support shot on net tb mtl 3rd

4 high good wall support tb mtl 3rd

wrap puck to teammate when no options twice mtl tb 3rd

d gap on right on wingers in ozon mtl tb 3rd

low to high d to d wall support tb mtl 3rd

low to high attack middle board support tb mn 1st

low to high d to d high f3 swing middle support tb mn 2nd

low to high quick shot f3 fills in high support tb mn 2nd

wrap puck to weakside d /high f3 open support tb mn 2nd

Low To High Strong Side Wall Support

strongside support d divs middle with puck

low to high f3 on wall continues up

weakside to d far forward stays wide to spread ice

low to high strongside board support pass shot tb seattle 1st

scissors into low to high tb seattle 1st

wrap puck twice then low to high middle and wall support

weakside low to high wall support

low to high, low forward hustles to middle ice

Low To High middle Support

middle guy high support for pass option

Scissors Movement Along Wall

Back to back scissors

Passes Along the Yellow To Keep Puck Posession

How many passes along wall?

Weakside rebound d stays up

wrap puck twice

low to high d wrap puck low

forward wrap to strong side d to keep possession

Forecheck rotation F3 Weakside

forecheck rotation f3 attacks weakside

Defense Weakside Puck Recovery

weakside rebound d recovers puck near forward covers

weakside d on puck recovery from shot, three high

D Gap On Wingers

d gap right on winger with stick tb cbl 1st

d gap high covers royal road pass from hash

d gap keeps puck in ozone for another 20 seconds

board pass winger back turned d gap right on winger

stay in layer 1 until lose puck possession

d gap right on winger with stick tb cbl 1st

strongside forward to weakside d

weakside d lane is open he drives net race back to middle of ice