Ozone Concepts


• Look to attack the home plate. When we attack with puck on one side, we need another player without the puck to attack home plate as well for a good pass option.
• Look to shoot when attacking home plate or to pass across Royal Road
• If we don’t have a play to the net (an open lane) we need a support guy to the outside of the puck carrier.
• Hash marks is decision time. (either skate to high layer, pass to high layer, attack net, cycle puck)
• F3 is always above puck when another forward has puck possession all the way up to the top layer
• If toes are going “north” we need toes going “south”
• One forward always in first layer (around goaline and below) when we have possession or if there is still a battle for possession.

Ozone Overall Rotation

Weakside Behind Net W/ Puck

Weakside Behind Net Pass to D1

Scissors Drop to D1

Scissors Play Keep Puck

D Dive Keep Puck

D Dive Pass To D

H to L Pass, Pass Back To Wing

H to L Pass Skate Pass to Other D

H to L Quick D to D Pass

D on Rebound Puck Recovery

Outside Support Options If No Play To Net

Example 1

Example 2

Example 3