This is a growing list of our favorite Small area games that focus on different concepts.

Offensive Play

4V2 stay on lines

4v2+2 stay on lines.

3 teams. the team that causes turnover quickly transitions to defense. Defenders now join in on offense. Emphasis: quick transitions and puck possession.

4v2 try to pass through square. stay on lines.

try to make pass through square by moving puck around quickly. 1 point for each pass made through square. Defenders can’t skate through square.

3v1 stay on lines.

Must be a player on each side of player who has puck to make triangle.

4v2 transition

When defending team gets the puck they pass to their teammates in the other square and now play 4v2. 2 players from offensive team play defense now. All four guys sprint to square and figure out who defends.


try to make passes to middle guy by moving puck quickly. To get a point, you must pass to middle guy and middle must pass back to someone on the outside. Emphasis: puck possession, powerplay, quick movement.

4 Box Rondo

Pass around 3 on 0 in your own square. On whistle, coach will call out a team to defend. Each player defends a square to make it 3v1. Winning team gets 1 point each round. First one to 3 points wins.

4 box Out number defenders

X’s on offense, O’s on Defense 6v2. To win o’s must defend and get puck back and make a pass to coach up top. You MUST have to o’s in the square defending to win. X’s must out number the O’s in each square. Can play with 3 defenders too.

4v2 into a 5v3 or a 2v1 into a 4v2

If the o’s make 4 passes, they can try to score. If x’s create turnover, they must pass to one of the other x’s outside of box and now play a 5v4. Can play this in regular ozone setup too with net in original location. Emphasis: quick puck movement, transition.

Full zone 6v4

Play regular 3v3 in the middle of the ice. On any possession change, you must play back to the high area of the ice. An offensive and defending player from middle ice must join in top area of ice to make it a 3v2. Must make two successful passes before attacking middle of ice. You can also pass to low player for support. Again, a ozone and defender player must join in to make it a 2v1. Variations: 4v3 on top area of ice. anyone from top area can attack as long as two remain high.

High Ice 3v3+2

Before you can attack the net with a “W” you must move the puck from one side of the ice to the other by making quick passes. After successful passes, 2 x’s and 2 o’s play 3v2. Can make a 2v2 as well.

High Ice 4v3+2 or 4v2+2

Before you can attack the net with a “W” you must make 3 passes in a row. Attack net with 2 offensive guys. Two defensive guys defend.